` About Polemaris

Our Story

Our name is derived from the Latin words Pole meaning ‘North’ and Maris, derived from the phrase Stella Maris meaning ‘star of the sea’. Just as the North Star guides those who are lost in finding their destination, we guide our clients on their journey to reach their objectives.

Polemaris was established in 2015 with the purpose of optimizing business processes through offering customized solutions.

Who We Are

We are a technology driven business intelligence start-up. A member of JPA International, ranked one of the top 20 accounting and consulting networks globally, representing JPA in Bahrain and the Eastern Province, KSA.
We are a team of purpose driven professionals with a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences, aiming to provide clients with holistic solutions based on a multidisciplinary approach, and demonstrating uniqueness in all aspects of services.

Our Vision

To simplify business processes and make trade accessible, feasible and reliable for everyone around the world.

Our Mission

Combine a diversified team to provide holistic solutions.

Optimize technology and global best practices to build customized business intelligence.

Provide tailor-made solutions following a purpose driven methodology.

Our Values

Liberty of creativity of expression

Work in a family-like environment, living the same vision and taking full responsibility

Wear the client’s hat and fully understand their needs

Deliver on our commitments, treating deadlines as "dead-lines"

Honesty and integrity in all client dealings

Belief in our youth and their potential

We are always limitless

Local presence, global mindset

Key Achievements

#1Successfully serving more than 150 clients in different sectors with more than 200 projects.

#2Supported a local food production company to automate its processes, increase production by four-folds and export to the region.

#3Identified and reported a fraud case involving mismanagement of funds for a key player in cosmetics, totalling over 1 million BHD.

#4Developed a Corporate Governance Methodology, with a focus on change management in the GCC.

#5Developed internal gap analysis module and applied it sucussfully in key projects including a large logistics company & one of the largest aluminum smelters in the world.

#6One of only 26 global startups and the first company in MENA to participate in Cybertech Europe (Rome 2019), after presenting a white paper on gamification for cybersecurity.