` Protocol FREE

Introduction to Protocol FREE

Protocol FREE is an initiative introduced by Polemaris in line with our vision to simplify business and allow it to be accessible, feasible and reliable for everyone around the world.

We are creating an inclusive ecosystem empowering artists and freelancers around the world to establish and grow their businesses, enabling them to transition from promoting brands to becoming global brand names.

We are pleased to announce our partners who have recently joined our initiative: Make Me Up, eCrd, The Nourishers, SY Consulting & Accounting and over 200 entrepreneurs.

Protocol FREE is based on Arabic language algorithms and hashing, which we believe is the most efficient for lower storage and energy costs on blockchain technology.

Value Proposition

Simple technology should be adaptable
and customizable to everyone’s level
Preserving user privacy with an ads model where
users decide what and when to view and get rewarded
Rebuild trust through immutability and
security offered by blockchain technology
A password free world, through secure and
gamified onboarding, where technologies should be
securing people, not vice versa
Enhanced credit assessment model based on
behavioral and emotional intelligence
Financial freedom and anonymity
Your processing power not data
A smart clock management system allowing freelancers to earn back their time
Rewarding loyalty program based on contribution not transactions
A responsible digital community, enabling freelancers to support each other
Arabic is the most efficient language to utilize voice output and combination
of a minimum number of letters, to protect users in contractual agreements
Contract witness program where users earn as they participate (Shahid)